Cool WiFi Names Collection For Network Router 2021

Cool Wi-Fi Names: Do you know that you can change the name of your Wifi or SSID? If you already know that and you are looking forward to some crazy and cool Wifi names then you must go through this link.

We have mentioned some uber cool and out of the box WiFi names that you can choose for your wifi or SSID. By choosing any of these names, you can make your wifi network look unique so that when someone connects to your wifi, a funny wifi name pops up on their screen.

This way, you can impress the girl living next door. You must read this article if you want to know about the top 110 Cool WiFi Names.

Cool Wifi Names


I have seen many wifi names that are simply out of the box and one needs a really witty brain to come up with them. If you too want to name your wifi or SSID in a funny or witty manner then we have enlisted some of the cool WiFi names that you can choose for your router. These names have been curated from the internet and the wifi names we have come across in our daily life.

Accessing the internet through wifi is one of the simplest methods as it provides you an easy means to access the internet. This is the reason why we see wifi network installed in many public places these days including schools, colleges, railway station, hotels etc.

Wifi internet connectivity has made life easy for people who were earlier going through the procedure of connecting to the internet via dial-up connections. Wifi has many advantages such as safety, security, enhanced speed and ease of establishing the connection. You just need a wifi router and an internet service provider to begin accessing the internet via wifi.

Since the default wifi name is the model number of the router which makes it difficult to identify and connect to wifi. You have the option of changing the name of your wifi and you can use some really cool WiFi names to make your wifi network’s display name unique.

There are many people who like to name their wifi routers in a unique fashion that are witty and easy to identify amongst other available networks in the vicinity. Be assured that your friends and neighbors will be impressed to see your unique wifi name on the list of available devices to connect to.

Going by the trend of naming your wifi networks and SSID networks uniquely, we have curated a list of more than 110 cool WiFi names. This collection consists of some wifi names that would really crack you up or the others who want to connect to your wifi network. You can choose the best wifi name for your network.

Cool WiFi Names List

Here is a list of cool wifi names that we have gathered from the internet for you.

  • 99 problems but wifi aint one
    Zelda a Linksys to the Past
    No More Mister WiFi
    Swedish Mafia Safehouse
    I Slept With Your WiFi
    IsThisTheKrustyKrab (Bonus: Set your password to “NoThisIsPatrick”)
    LAN down under
    Homeland Security
    we_dont_have_wifi (Bonus: Set your password to “there_is_no_password” to confuse your guests!)
    Yell “Penes” For Password
    4 Guys 1 Router
    Traffic Sniffer
    NSA Drone #3
    Ermahgerd We Fer
    Out Of Order Try Later
    Desperate HouseWiFi

Cool Names for WiFi Router

If you are searching for some really cool names for your wifi router then you can have a look at the list we have compiled.

  • Wi-Fight the inevitable?
    LAN of Milk and Honey 🙂
    Bill Wi, the Science F
    The Promised LANs
    Silence of the LAN
    Troy and Abed in the Modems
    All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us –
    Call Me Maybe Any Time
    Hide Your Kids Hide Your WiFi
    404 Network Unavailable Be Safe
    This is Not Free Either Paid
    Go Go Gadget Internet
    100 problems but WiFi ain’t one
    Really, asshole? Curry again?
    PorqueFi 🙂
    Super Thanks For Asking WiFi
    Protected CeX
    I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi
    “big jock knew” is a cunt
    Cool WiFi Internet Names
    Want free wifi?!?!
    ಠ_ಠ (I wanna know how they made that work)
    It’s Locked, WiFight It?
    I Now Declare You Husband and WiFi
    Welcome To Your Doom
    AT n Titi
    Touch me, I’m horny
    Harder HARDER
    Bluetooth Devices:
    Meat the Butcher
    Big Bang Booger
    My A$$ is Hot4U
    Wi Fi Fo Fum
    RSVP 4 Cody Banks

The Internet has become the part and parcel of our lives and our most of the daily activities depend on the internet these days. For accessing the internet, wifi is one of the easiest methods. Whenever you buy a new router, the default name of the wifi router is usually the model number. You can change the name of the network as you wish. You can impress your neighbors by keeping your wifi name something unique and witty.

Cool WiFi SSID Names 2021

  • FYI, I Don’t Read It, I Just Throw It Away
    It hurts when IP
    Two girls one router
    I have a yeast infection
    This LAN is your LAN
    Baby use this one
    One Does Not Simply Connect to WiFi
    No Devices Found
    FBI surveillance van
    Nothing to see here…
    Skynet online
    Taliban wifi
    Theres a cream for that (must be dual band 5Ghz)
    You’re Music is Annoying
    Im watching you
    FBI Surveillance
    Trinity Beach Police (suburb I live in)
    Wi believe we can Fi
    I’m Touching Your Daughter
    a Terrorist nearby (mine)
    Dance WiFi
    Virus Detected!
    This LAN is my LAN

Final Words

We hope that you have liked our list of cool WiFI names 2018. If you have any other wifi name that can make it to our list then you can mention such names in the comment section below and we will be happy to add to the list. Moreover, you can express your views on the names mentioned here.

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