Best Clever WiFi Names To Impress Your Neighbors

Clever WiFi Names: The world is constantly evolving and there are many people who want to stand out from the crowd. Be it in the terms of the clothes they wear, hairstyle to carry and even the names of their WiFi. The default name of your wifi connection is more often the model number of your wifi router, which is simply plain and boring.

In this constantly evolving world, people want to label their wifi networks and SSID in a manner that make them look clever and make it easy for the others to connect with your network. If you belong to such category of people, you can choose unique wifi names for your router. We have come with a list of top best clever wifi names for reference if you are running short of the ideas.

If you have searched the internet for clever wifi network names but all you got is some boring names then we have your back. Here, you can find more than 50 clever wifi names that are suggested by some of the wittiest people and you can use these names to mark an impression on your friends and neighbors. Some of these clever wifi names are really hilarious.


You can name your wifi cleverly to make a ‘cool’ impression of yourself on your friends and neighbors. You might also these wifi names to send a secret message to your crush living nearby. With some luck, you might also try to propose your crush by setting a romantic wifi name.

With the option of changing your wifi name as per your liking, you can express your feelings to the beautiful girl living near your house. A clever WiFi name is a cool method to impress your crush. If you want to change to name of your wifi to something that is unique and clever then we have compiled a list of clever wifi names for you. You can choose any name from the list according to your choice.

Naming your wifi in a clever or humorous manner is a good means to mark an impression on others. Probably, this is one of the easiest methods to impress other people without spending any money and without wasting your time. With just a few clicks, you can change the name of your wifi router or SSID.

Below is a list of some of the most clever WiFi names. We have chosen and enlisted the best clever wifi names in this list for those who want to exhibit their cleverness to their neighbor and friends. Go through the list and find a name that goes with your personality.

Clever WiFi Names List

Mi-Fi, not your-Fi
Shut up your dog
Will you be my WiFi?
Unlockable Wi-Fi
Child touches
Titanic is Sinking
No Wi-Fi For Your Mom
Fart on your face
Beware of dogs
Filtered water
I’m you but stronger
Call me maybe
Smell my socks
Wireless gang
And she called it a … Wi-Fi
Nope, not this one either
Encrypted for Your Pleasure
Free public wifi
It Hurt when IP.
Dinchak pooja
Your father is naughty
Work more
Virus found
Meat is murder
Warning! Malware signals
Surveillance van
This LAN is your Lan. And this is my Lan.
Prety fly for wifi
Wash my underwear
Free for one day
Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons.
Check outside
last night with u
Series of tubes
London bakery
Use this one mom.
Life is short. Smile while you have free Wi-Fi.
No Networks Available
Talk less
I got you, bro.


The above-given list is a compilation of best clever WiFi names compiled through various sources. We hope that with the help of this list, you can show off your cleverness in front of your friends.

If you think this list is missing some really clever wifi names then you can comment in the comments section below and we would surely consider your suggestions. You can share this list of wifi names with your friends as well.

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